WordPress Website Maintenance Plan

Feb 26, 2017 | News

WordPress Website Management Package

We didn’t think site management would be an area that became a focus for us, but it seems we were wrong. After having conversations over the last few months with current management clients it seems that we are going to grow in this area more than we could ever have expected.

Everyone who has had a website for a while knows the headaches that come with it. Long gone are the days of “If you build it, they will come,” and forgetting about your site once you have it up and running. Security, software updates, ensuring if something bad does happen, you have the tools and backups available to successfully recover, and the list of worries goes on. Yeah we know all about that. However, not everyone new to the website world is prepared for what is ahead of them. Sometimes they don’t have someone explaining the importance of keeping WordPress up to date, or that their plugins may cause security concerns if they are not kept up to date. Or, as much as we hate to speak of it – the fact that such updates can sometimes cause things on your website to break. What do they do then?

This is where having someone maintain your website for you provides not just peace of mind, but a smoothly running, and hopefully money making entity. Let’s face it: Being in any type of business is time consuming enough without having to worry about learning how to maintain your website.

We started managing sites for hosting clients after building their sites for them. It grew from there until management started to become an actual key component of our business. Now we are dedicated to growing this service and to providing cost effective, hassle free site management solutions.

Our standard package has been tweaked and is now a core offering of Ice & Fire Website Development. Details can be found here: https://iceandfirewebdevelopment.com/wp-management-plan/

In addition to this service plan, we offer customized management solutions on a contract basis. This can cover anything from ecommerce management to ongoing site development or just simply running the site and whatever that entails.

If you are spending more time managing your website than you had planned, we have a solution for you.

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