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Mar 24, 2020 | News

Bring Your Business Online

We Can Bring Your Business Online!

During these very uncertain times, we have watched as businesses struggle and revenue dries up. We too are feeling the pressure. Small businesses all over the world will have trouble keeping going, especially those that have to close with no way of knowing when they will be able to reopen.

If you have a business that may be able to switch to an online model, even temporarily, then we have developed a plan that can help you. Here in Nova Scotia we are under a state of emergency. That means many businesses have had to close, and some of them will never be able to survive a long term closure. To do so they will need to become creative.

Do you have a business that could take orders online and mail or otherwise deliver your products, but doesn’t do so? Our new plan can help you do just that, with low monthly payments instead of the usual, large upfront costs.¬†


What We Are Offering 

This new eCommerce web package includes the following:

  • We will build you a full featured eCommerce website.
  • We will register your domain for you, but you will own the domain name that you chose.
  • We will manage the site for you, including product management, system oversight and even customer support.
  • We will host your site on Ice & Fire servers at no cost until June 2020! Starting in June you will receive a 40% discount on Fully Managed Hosting.
  • You will pay an affordable monthly fee until the development price is met, at which time we would negotiate a management package with you depending on your needs and business health.
  • You will ship or deliver your products as orders arrive and then email us when the order has been shipped.

That’s it! You fill your orders and we do the rest!

You will have to provide us with a product list with prices and images if possible for each product. You can do this all at once or email one or two products at a time for us to add, it doesn’t matter – as long as we can get them in place and ready to sell.

Could your business benefit from our plan?

Fill out the form below if you would like to take your business online. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

eCommerce Information Form

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