Google Search Changes

Apr 24, 2015 | News

We knew it was coming, and now the time has arrived: Google search results done on a mobile device will now favor mobile friendly sites. Makes sense and is a good move, but many small business sites will find their website traffic dropping off considerably because of this.

Test your website and if it doesn’t pass Google’s test, drop us a line and we can revamp your current site so that it is 100% mobile friendly, or we can give you a brand new site that will work great on any screen.

Test your site here:
If you fail, don’t panic – just get it fixed by us or your current web developer. Everything needs to be built to be responsive and Google just helped to push the procrastinators into action.

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Do you have a business that could take orders online and mail or otherwise deliver your products, but doesn’t do so? Our new plan can help you do just that, with low monthly payments instead of the usual, large upfront costs. We build your site, add your products and manage it all for you! You simply fill your orders!

Switching to LiteSpeed Web Servers – An easy choice!

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SEO with Guaranteed Results

SEO Services with a Guarantee! In the first two months we will get you a 200% ROI or we will continue your SEO campaign for free until we exceed that target! Risk free search engine optimization!

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There are a lot of different hosting solutions available today, but we believe that managed WordPress hosting should have one main goal: To make your life easier!

Fully Managed Hosting Changes – New Products, New Site!

We are ready to step up our managed WordPress hosting game and offer more packages, more features, all on a new website!